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Multitobo/ KeKelit Weldless Piping

MULTITUBO systems offers a range of innovative installation systems for tab water installation, radiator connection and panel heating. The German brand started with a concept of highly flexible system to optimize economic installations. Today there are 5 different types of fittings, all compatible within the same diameter, and is successfully distributed in more than 40 countries all over the world.

The possibility to chose between different connection techniques enables theuser to use the best fitting technique for the special building site situation. Many safety features guarantee highest safety for along lasting andreliable installation.

The multi-layer pipe is the common basic for all MULTITUBO systemsconnections.Theadvantagesofthismoderncomposite material are convincing. Easy bendability, stay in form, 100% oxygen tight, no corrosion, no deposits, are ideal means of an easy handling and a long and reliable installation


The press-fittings are the basic connection of the product range of the MULTITUBOsystemsbrand.Thediametersof16mmto110mmallows projects as private houses as well as commercial projects! For a more economicinstallation,therearepress-fittingswithPPSUbodiesforthe floor distribution.

The Press-Fittings,16mm upto 110mm

STEELFIXstainlesssteelcombinestheeaseofinstallationofprecisionpipesystemswiththeproven KE KELIT qualityand thenumerous possible uses of stainless steel – this results in a robust pipe systemthat isperfectly suited for almostall areas of application.
ThankstothedifferentmaterialgradesintheSTEELFIXrange,therightproductisavailableforevery application –thanks tothenewSTEELFIX316Lstainless steel pipe & fittings, KE KELIT evenhas the perfect solution for closed systems usingcost-effective stainless steel pipes.Even in sprinkler systems,nothing standsin the way thanks to VdS approval.

Worlds 1st Flexible Stainless Steel Pipes

Hightemperatureresistantflexiblestainlesssteel-pipesystem STEELOXcombinesthe successfulandproven productsKELOX andSTEEL FIX in oneproduct. The stainless steel inner layer is surrounded by an outer layer of PE-RT, offering optimum protection against external influences.
The range of fittings newly developed for this system is also zeta-optimized and has the best flow characteristics. In the combination of pipe and fitting we have achieved the very best flowrates with STEELOX.
We are the first manufacturer in Austria to receive the registrationof the ÖVGWfor the stainless steel drinking water pipe system. In addition, the system is tested and registered according to ÖNORM B 5175.


1. Reduces 30-40% cost because of its coil form
2. Excellent resistance toall formof corrosion
3. Easy installation
4. Lead freeand Zeta optimized fittings
5. 100%Leakageproof
6. Green Building Certified
7. 100% Food Grade Materialas the stainless steel 1.4435 used is the highest grade